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Canada will continue to promote gay rights in foreign policy

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird confirmed Canada’s commitment to promote gay rights in foreign policy.

Vancouver Sun has the report:

Canada has likely welcomed more than 100 gay refugees from Iran since taking on gay rights in 2009, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Friday after his government announced that standing up for gay rights on the inter-national stage would be among Canada’s foreign policy priori-ties going forward.

In a speech before the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird discussed a range of human rights topics, including Canada’s efforts to combat forced marriages among young girls and the global criminalization and persecution of homosexuals.

A week after severing relations with Iran by pulling Canadian diplomats from Tehran and sending Iranian diplomats in Canada packing, Baird also offered kudos to Kenney for “working to make Canada a safe haven for Iran’s persecuted gay community.”

CTV News adds :

Baird said he believes other countries can look at Canada as a model for democratic rights and freedoms.

Baird added that he is also working with allies such as the EU and the United States to decriminalize homosexuality in countries around the world, and to make Canada a welcoming haven to those who are persecuted for their sexual preferences in countries such as Iran.

?We believe what?s right is right. And what?s wrong is wrong. And it is in defence of those beliefs that we act. These are not partisan issues, they transcend politics,? Baird said.

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