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3 Openly Gay Candidates Running For Indianapolis City Council

Indianapolis City Council will have 3 openly gay candidates on the ballots. Zach Adamson,Jackie Leigh Butler and Todd Woodmanse are this year’s first openly gay cabdidates for Indianapolis’ city-county council.

Indystar has the story:

Indianapolis has quietly passed a milestone in this year’s City-County Council race: the first openly gay major-party candidate.

And the second. And the third.

In a state with a handful of openly gay elected officials — fewer than neighboring states — the candidates are hoping to increase gays’ and lesbians’ visibility in local government. But for some of the three — all Democrats — the greatest significance is that the prospect of their election has made few waves.

Republican leaders say the issues facing Indianapolis should determine a voter’s decision, not a candidate’s sexual orientation. The result has been little discussion about sexual orientation by either side.

“The historical significance of it is the fact that it doesn’t matter,” said Todd Woodmansee, an attorney who’s running in District 21 on the Eastside against Republican Councilman Ben Hunter. “We can have people running regardless of what their sexual orientation is, regardless of what their race is and regardless of what their religion is.

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