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Yaysh Chills It Like a “Boss” This Pride

hip-pop artist Yaysh is proving she’s in charge in the music video for her rabble rousing new summer single, “Boss,” releasing this week. Intended to motivate fans to go after what they want in life, the sticky, steamy track — complete with  the sound of cold water being poured over ice into a glass — is a call to action, setting the stage for a wild party about to go down.  “We live in a world where challenges are high but our self esteem is low,” says Yaysh from her Denver home.  “I wrote ‘Boss’ to inspire listeners to take the reins of life and have fun!”  Along with the song, Yaysh is releasing a music video that was shot in San Francisco.  “It pays homage to the history of the LGBTQ community and the bravery of a people who continue to stand firm in their truth despite ongoing adversity.”  The “Boss” music video is on Youtube and Vimeo now.  The single will be available through streaming on Pandora and Spotify and for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and all other major retailers later this month. 

“I have not always been a boss,  especially when I first started out in music” admits Yaysh.   She recalls adhering to producers that didn’t want her to cuss or talk about sexual things and managers who wanted her to wear make up and act more girly.  “Being a female in hip-hop is certainly a challenge because it’s a male-dominated, misogynistic industry with a lot of people that are not that woke,” she explains.   “But I’ve always had a light in me that knows my worth and is proud of who I am.” 
Yaysh says her confidence comes from accepting her faults and honoring her many gifts. Her faith, too, plays a key role.  She’s  a  Shambhala Buddhist and an avid meditation practitioner.  “I believe I’m here to serve others. There’s really no point in being alive if you’re not a benefit to others.”
“I’m a Scorpio,” she adds with a grin, “so I get like real deep and shit.”
Yaysh is also a proud member of the LGBTQ community, a big reason why she chose to film the music video for “Boss” in the gay capital of the USA.  “The video depicts a party in the streets of San Francisco with drag queens, go-go boys, lesbians and gay men all just being themselves and having a blast. My intention is to show fans that if you’ll just be you, let go of judgement for a second and open up a bit, you could have the time of your freakin’ life!”
Yaysh grew up a rebellious youth in Denver.  She struggled in school and would often sneak out of her home to hang out with older boys from the hood.   She encountered a conglomerate of drug dealers, gangsters, and ex-convicts. “I learned so much from those good people,” she reflects. “I was taught how to relax, roll blunts, drink forties, freestyle, be tough, kick it, and simply enjoy being with friends, all in the midst of incredible poverty.”
She later moved to Los Angeles where she met her producer, Troy “R8dio” Johnson (Solange, Chris Brown, Why Don’t We). They connected on their mutual interest of spirituality and began making music together.  “Boss” was one of the first songs that Yaysh wrote and they experimented with its sound, actually taking out the chord structure, leaving the track with a sound all its own.
“I love the dripping water sound,” reflects Yaysh. “It gives a unique layer to the song.  It’s playful, emitting that summer pool and beach vibe while also giving the sense that a real party has begun. I hope it helps people let go and maybe even move a bit to the beat.  Life doesn’t have to be so serious.  We all need to chill a bit.  Chill like a boss.”
Yaysh’s new music video, “Boss,” is available on YouTube and Vimeo .  The single will be on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms later this month.
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