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ULISES Premieres “Spicy Jalape?o (Fresh)” Music Video

Enter the “Jalape?o” garden and discover a world of seduction, color, and sexyness; CAUTION: extremely hot!!

Always musically inclined, ULISES knew he wanted to do something involving music. Dancing and performing at the local festivals every year had become a custom. Private piano lessons that began at the young age of eleven and involvement in the middle school?s band only affirmed his passion for music. But it wasn?t until high school that he began to seriously consider it as a career. After graduating third in his class and receiving several honors and awards, ULISES flew off to St. Paul, Minnesota to attend one of the states most prestigious private music schools- McNally Smith College of Music.

He?d always dreamed of creating his own original pieces- his songs, and longed to work in professional studios where he could learn about the gear and equipment. His desires to increase his musical knowledge and widen his musical horizons motivated him to continue strong till the end regardless of the challenges that presented themselves in his every day-to-day life, and in 2006 after two years of hard work, he graduated with an Associates Degree in Music Production. He not only learned how to work with programs like Pro tools, Reason, and Logic, but also managed to learn how to run studio gear like SSL consoles (4000 & 6000), Digi boards, and Radar.

Although he achieved several of his goals, there was still one thing missing that was necessary to complete this chapter of his life and essentially start a new one- the release of a CD. Throughout those years in school, he managed to create a number of tunes that later helped give birth to his debut album PROJECTION BEAUTIFUL which was released via his newly found record label FODUT 6 RECORDS. Containing thirteen zesty tracks, PROJECTION BEAUTFIUL steadily launched him into the spotlight. Reviews from local magazines and newspapers began to pour in, all giving him nothing but positive reviews. Performing had become a priority; creating fans- a challenge he was willing to take. After the release of his sophomore album MUSICALLY PROMISCUOUS in 2007, fans were quick to notice and confirm that ULISES was here to stay.

As more people began to note the star qualities he possessed, more opportunities began to present themselves. Music enveloped his life. With heavy infectious Timbaland-esque beats, ULISES was able to captivate audiences once more and move them to his rhythmic tunes. With CD?s selling hot like fire, he began building a steady fan base; performances continued to increase and the press raved about this future star. Collaborations with other talents, TV show appearances, and radio play began to take off; unconditional support from the people was and continues to be overwhelming.

Now he?s ready to embark on another musical journey. With his third solo effort, F?E?UENCIES OF B?I??I?NC?; S?UNDS O? COLO? ULISES promises to bring NOTHING but the best. Sexy boudoir and kinky jibber-jabber sung to dancy records and compiled along romantic, soft, love tunes showcases his versatility yet provides the perfect elements for this string of hits which fans anxiously await. His maturity and creativity will be captured through the exquisitely well produced beats. Catchy lyrics and a magnificent, tantalizing voice promise to make THE MTD a massive success. All in all, ULISES continues to grow as an artist. A valuable investment and the future of Pop, he?s an icon in the making.

With his Prince-like qualities, Usher-esque voice, and Enrique Iglesias latinolicious flava, ULISES is bound to take the music industry by storm. In a market filled with wannabe stars, a fresh, passionate, driven, yet talented, creative mind that lives & breathes music can?t go unnoticed. It?s safe to predict that a brilliant, glorious future of fame awaits him.

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