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Madonna’s New Album Details

A collaborator of Dronwed Madonna offers new details about Madonna’s anticipated new album.

William Orbit is the ‘wizard’, the brain behind the new album, while the Free School, a collective of co-writers and co-producers, with Jean Baptiste Kouame as the primary songwriter, are the “tailors.” Jean Baptiste was introduced to Madonna by Benny Benassi.

The new album will see extraordinary beats and sounds. The production is going to be rich, innovative, sophistacated and elaborated, in much the same way as “Ray of Light” previously. Besides amazing samples, the songs will see also live instruments, mainly guitars.

The lyrics are going to be deeper and elaborated. There are some Kabbalistic and spiritual topics, but I defy anyone to find them all! It’s funny that after 13 years from the release of “Ray of Light,” Madonna and William Orbit are working on a track, whose title reminds of the universe and the sky.

Madonna’s album will incorporate a variety of styles including pop, dance-pop, hip-hop and electronic music with some rock guitair riffs. The tracks will mainly consist of up-tempo and dance. Some bits have echoes of Kelis’ “Acapella” and Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People” in my opinion.

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