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Laura LaRue “Un Duex Trois” Laidback Luke Remix Video!?

Laura LaRue has released the Laidback Luke remix video for her second single?“Un Duex Trois.” Check it out below!?“Un Duex Trois” (The Remixes) is now available on?iTunes.

About Laura LaRue:

Buried somewhere beneath the scores of hungry, independent music artists?lurks a decidedly ravenous melody maker who goes by the handle of Laura?LaRue. This furtive and fertile songstress?pounced onto the electronica/house scene this summer with her very first single??San Francisco Is My?Disco? and began ranking on the Billboard Dance Club Chart with the DJ?Chus and DJ Abel Ramos Remix shooting all the way to number 12!

Laura LaRue comes on like an anime dubstep “deva” with cunningly?executed Frenglish lyrics.?Her second single this year, “Un Deux Trois,” with?its?2 companion music videos plus?remixes by Dutch DJ?sensation Laidback Luke and the UK?s Cahill, has?just dropped. In fact, a?week before the release?world-renowned DJ Tiesto played?Laidback Luke?s Remix of “UDT” to his massive fans at Creamfield?s and?Electric Zoo NYC. Tiesto tweeted LaRue personally to tell her he loved her?vocals and Laidback Luke’s treatment. In addition, he continues to show his?support of the track by including it in his setlist for his current College?Invasion Tour.

LaRue and her band of debonair producers are?currently creating tracks for?the next EP entitled?Beatifique which LaRue says will be an explosive?combination of House & Rock ‘n’ Roll. And if she has her deva~esque?druthers her “Un Deux Trois” remixes will shimmy right up the dance club?charts just like her first single did. She’d love nothing more than to leave her?supercalifragil-licious-EXTRAFAB-ferocious tramp stamp on an already?overly saturated music industry. The element of surprise is on her side and?could work in her favor.

FOLLOW LaRue on twitter: @LaLaRueFrench75 & @Kisskissmuwaaah?(where she holds court over her 23,000+ Kittens)

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