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George Michael Writes song about battle with illness


George Michael is writing a song titled? “White Light” dedicated to all teh people who supported him during his near-death battle with illness in a Vienna hospital last year, the British singer announced on Twitter this morning.


? George Michael @GeorgeMichael I’ve been a busy boy in the studio this week, mixing symphonica and finally ready to write about what happened to me in Vienna….
? George Michael @GeorgeMichael And how grateful I am to be given another chance to live and breathe alongside you all in this wonderful world that we share…
? George Michael? ? @GeorgeMichael You may recall my reference to those strange individuals who took the time to pray for my death as I lay in my hospital bed back in November
? George Michael? ? @GeorgeMichael But don’t think I don’t realise how many of you out there prayed for my recovery. I thank you all from the deepest part of my soul xx
? George Michael? ? @GeorgeMichael And i will repay your unending kindness the only way I know how. With music.
? George Michael? ? @GeorgeMichael Yesterday I began to write a song called “White Light”. It’s for all of you, for everyone who prayed for me, for every one of you who has ..
? George Michael ? @GeorgeMichael…prayed for me, for every person who has stopped me in the streets to ask me how I’m doing, you have made me feel so blessed.
? George Michael? ? @GeorgeMichael? And I promise you it’s a blinder. 🙂