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Cazwell Releases Dance Like You Got Good?Credit Remix CD featuring Cherie Lily

Cazwell - Dance Like You Got Good Credit 19 finalNYC based club stalwart?Cazwell?announces the release of ?Dance Like You Got Good?Credit?remix CD?featuring Cherie Lily.

CAZWELL – Dance Like You Got Good Credit (Cjay Swayne Video Remix)

CAZWELL feat. CHERIE LILY “Dance Like You Got Good Credit” (The Peace Bisquit Brooklyn Bounce Remix)

The track ??Dance Like You Got?Good Credit??featuring Cherie Lily??tackles the U.S. debt crisis ? a situation?Cazwell?finds amusing because ?we go broke trying to make ourselves look rich.?

Watch Cazwell‘s?video for the track??Dance Like You Got Good Credit??included?on the album?Hard 2 B Fresh available?HERE. The visuals were directed by Athena Maroulis featuring Cherie Lily (Andrew W.K.?s wife) who is really pregnant in the video, with some very special guest appearances by Big Dipper and Bianca Del Rio.

From becoming a You Tube sensation after a million people viewed the ridiculously popular and oft-imitated??Ice Cream Truck??music video in a single week, to producing a steady flow of singles and videos that capture his engaging charisma, self-effacing humor and personality, Cazwell has earned credibility on and off the floor with a slew of anthemic and danceable hip hop tracks. This big ?ol bag-o-tricks includes future hits like Latin twerk nugget,??Spicy!,??I Blocked Your Number,??the neo soul-laced??Cats and Dogs,??and Caz classics like??Rice & Beans,??the disco-sampled??All Over Your Face??and Courtney Love?s personal favorite??I Seen Beyonc? At Burger King.?? Cazwell?s new album, ?Hard 2 B Fresh??impressively showcases his hypomanic yet insightful take on pop culture. We?re proud to present to you a musical force who has been described as??what would have happened if?Eminem?had grown up on Madonna?s?front lawn.?

Cazwell - Hard 2 B Fresh (FINAL artwork) [hires] (1)

For more information, visit Cazwell.com and PeaceBisquit.com.


Cazwell - Dance Like You Got Good Credit Official Video