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Parralox Sets Their Sights High With “Eye in the Sky”

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Melbourne, Australia Based Electronic Ensemble Releases New Music Video

Los Angeles, CA – Parralox’s new video “Eye in the Sky” is a tour de force of the elements that define the band and their truly unique electronic sound.  “Eye in the Sky” serves as the 2nd single off their concept album, Recovery, released earlier this year. The beauty exhibited in the latest video will bring you to your knees, as lead singer John von Ahlen and fashion model Rowena Kang, exhibit the hauntingly beautiful essence of the track. From soaring vocals, to heartfelt lyrics and captivating imagery Parralox’s music video “Eye in the Sky”, now on YouTube, is an ornate production.

Originally recorded by The Alan Parsons Project in 1982, Parralox’s inventive version of “Eye in the Sky” is a mesmerizing hit, infused with powerful talent. At the helm of Parralox’s world-class sound sits mastermind producer and lead vocalist, John von Ahlen. John’s commitment to the electronic-pop genre is unparalleled and his knowledge and depth in the world of electronica and its related technologies is second-to-none. The soundscape takes many structural turns and twists as the lyrics further develop into a Pulitzer Prize worthy piece of poetry. The video begins with the opening of an eye in synch with the drumbeat, booming bass, and synth lines jumping straight at you through an electronic mélange of sound after the gong of a clock chime. The music video for “Eye in the Sky” is a collaboration between John Ibrahim (Comme des Garcon/Grey Aviary) and John von Ahlen. After endless cups of coffee and many late nights in von Ahlen’s Melbourne studio, a vision started to slowly emerge. Rather than rely on CGI and special effects, it was decided to construct a practical mirror box set piece to achieve the optical illusion of infinite reflections in the music video. High fashion model Rowena Kang co-stars in the video to add an out-of-this-world atmosphere.  Rowena’s unique and striking presence brings a whole new element to the Parralox video and you’ll quickly see why she is highly desired by numerous major fashion houses. Decidedly claustrophobic, “Eye In The Sky” captures the essence of reflection, observation and introspection.

As a young child, John von Ahlen explored music and took up both the saxophone and clarinet, and by high school John had switched his focus to piano and synthesizers. In 1993, John teamed up with international songwriter John Collins and Grammy nominated artist Gina G for the “Bass Culture” album and was soon signed to Mushroom Records. These songs were used in a list of TV shows that are still receiving residuals today. Aside from his music career, John is also a member of Joy 94.9 (Melbourne’s only LGBT radio) and an animal rights activist.

Marking the beginning of a change of direction, Parralox’s newest video is the launching pad for their 2014 sound, which promises original songs and new collaborations.  Download “Eye in the Sky” and the rest of Recovery, worldwide on all leading online retailers now, including iTunes and Amazon.  Parralox is also set to release Eye in the Sky EP, featuring new remixes from the Recovery album and many new b-sides with a physical EP coming out on Conzoom Records later this year for Parralox’s loyal international fan base. Keep up with Parralox by visiting www.Parralox.com and watch the “Eye in the Sky” video on their YouTube channel.

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