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KINGSHIP Debut “Wandering Sailor” Music Video

When Querelle meets Michel Gondry…

This amazingly original video was directed by the uber-talented Michael Serrato, co-directed by special FX gurus Brian Reindel and James Papadopoulos, shot by sexy dock fighter Jesse Brunt and tricked out by master of puppets Brian Clark.

Featuring the best crew a captain could dream of: his Majesty the Gay Pimp himself Jonny McGovern and, as his sailor boytoy, Brad Cheyne; world-sensation and sensational Drew Droege (aka “It’s recently come to my attention” Chlo? Sevigny) as the Madam; super-talented Julie Goldman as the drag-king bouncer; the hilarious Tanya McClure as the one-eyed barmaid; beautiful sailorgirl Brandy Howard; badboy patron James Hawkins; Sebastian Thomas Johnson as the hunky backroom trick (real tats included); and dreamy Wandering Sailor, Jonah Wharton.

Wandering Sailor is available on? iTunes and Amazon!


When they met in New York City in 2007, Brooklyn-based pianist/composer Paul Leschen and California-born singer/songwriter Chris Hall realized that their common love for melodious, epic, over-the-top rock n? roll was a sign from the Hair Band Gods that they were bound to create something melodious, epic, and most definitely, over-the-top!

KINGSHIP is the result of that bout with destiny. They are funneling the essence of 80s hair band music like Europe and Journey into a gene pool of ABBA-esque pop, the hypertheatricality of Meatloaf, the raw power of Judas Priest and the esoteric style of early to middle period David Bowie. They also nod knowingly toward more modern acts like The Ark, Muse and Lady Gaga.

In creating such a unique musical blend, KINGSHIP benefits from the incredible talent of Paul Leschen, a regular collaborator of Scissor Sisters, with whom he co-arranged ?Comfortably Numb?, and from Chris Hall?s larger than life stage presence, which has allowed him to deliver unforgettable performances as Frank N? Furter in The Rocky Horror Show and Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar.

KINGSHIP has perfected the science of creating original songs in the spirit of the 80s and surrounding them with a modern electronic maelstrom.

Visit http://www.kingshipmusic.com/ for more info

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