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Alfie Arcuri unveils brand new single ‘If They Only Knew’

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Love is Love. #IfTheyOnlyKnew

This week Alfie Arcuri launched his brand new single ‘If They Only Knew’ and it catapulted straight into the Top 10 on the i-tunes chart. 

Today he unveils the video which features a trio of teenagers, a heterosexual couple and their best gay friend, examining the complex ambiguity of their relationship, and explores the intense connection these characters are experiencing. 

The relationship is seemingly uncomplicated until we realise there is something more going on between the two guys. There is an obvious connection between the two of them however we soon find out that it’s not that simple.  The story explores the complexities and hardships experienced by today’s youth and particularly the struggles experienced with coming out. 

‘Acceptance is something that we all struggle with. For some young people that challenge involves discovering their identity and their sexuality,’ says Arcuri. ‘Being gay myself, I struggled to accept my sexuality for quite some time. I have worked with a team of people and together we shot a short film for ‘If They Only Knew’ exploring some of the challenges that young LGBTQ people face. I believe that by sharing our stories we can inspire empathy and help support anyone going through that struggle.’ 

Produced by Paper Moose Productions, the video was directed by Laura Nagy who has worked on projects as Assistant Director including Unbroken (with Angelina Jollie), WolverineThe Great GatsbyRedfern Now and Wonderland, just to name a few. 

The #IfTheyOnlyKnew Campaign Just.Equal Campaign kicked off on Thursday 22nd June, with a story from Ivan Hinton-Tech, 
the campaign aims to inspire empathy by allowing the LGBTQI Community to tell a story that is personal to them – Ivan’s story is incredibly touching

Alfie also revealed the story behind ‘If They Only Knew’ as part of a Just.Equal Campaign online


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