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Alex Pettyfer Covers VMAN Magazine

Young sexy actor Alex Pettyfer cover the new issue of VMAN Magazine. In a revealing interview with Derek Blasberg the newest bad boy of Hollywood talks about his acting career and his life.

Here are some extracts of the interview

On his Wikipedia Page:

?I think my Wikipedia is full of bullshit because I actually don?t have anything cool or interesting to be said about me,? the 21-year-old Pettyfer explains. I ask if he wants to add the word ?yet? to the end of that statement, but he declines. ?I?ve heard I?m called a bad boy, or difficult?maybe that?s because I don?t take any bullshit.?

On the Hollywood Business:

?I don?t think it was for me at that age,? he explains. ?I felt like the industry was just a factory. You hear a lot of people say they want to make art in this industry, but so few people actually fucking do it. I was disillusioned by [Hollywood] at the time, but now I?ve come to accept that?s just the way things are: it?s called show business, not show art.?

On His Tattoos:

He already had some requisite bad-guy tattoos: among them a cross on his chest, a black ring on his finger, Arabic writing on his arm, the phrase ?What Goes Around Comes Around? on his shoulder, and, as you can partly see in these pictures, the phrase ?Thank you? on his lower abdomen??In case I forget to say it,? he winks, by way of explanation.

On Being an actor:

?Being an actor in L.A. is like being in prison: you go, you serve your time, you try to replicate Johnny Depp?s career?and then you move to Paris.?

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