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Manhunt’s Latest Poll – MANSCAPING?

Manhunt just published another one of their not-at-all-scientific polls. ?This time it’s on MANSCAPING.

They polled over 27,000 Manhunters on body parts they think their partners SHOULD shave or trim. ?According to the results, Manhunters like their guys hairy.

The body part that got the most trim votes was the shaft – but even it received only 21% of votes. ?Nearly 80% of guys polled felt the shaft should be left as-is. ?

Check out all the results at (NSFW) http://manhuntdaily.com/2013/02/manhunt-daily-and-max-4-men-2013-manscaping-guide/.

There’s even a little interactive graphic for those who prefer not to look at percentage numbers: http://www.manhunt.net/mh/Communications/LS/3299/3299_build6up.html