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‘Bold and Beautiful’ Star Joanna Johnson Reveals She’s Gay

U.S. soap star Joanna Johnson has become the latest celebrity to come out as a lesbian. The Bold and the Beautiful star has come out of the closet in a revealing new interview with TV Guide magazine. Here are some excerpts:

On the pressure to come out when she was around openly gay women:

I never felt any pressure from them. I think they understood my professional concerns because those concerns were very real. When Ellen came out she took a big hit. It certainly hurt her career as an actress. When Angelina Jolie said she was bi, it was sexy. The industry wanted her even more. It’s quite another thing to say you’re a lesbian. Back then anyway. I really admire the courage of people who have been out and noisy. I had to struggle to become proud.

On her relationship with Michelle:

We’ve been together nine years and had our wedding in 2008 during the two minutes when same-sex marriage was legal in California. When we realized Prop 8 was going to pass, we thought we should try to get in under the wire and be part of the movement. So we ran down to the Beverly Hills courthouse in our workout clothes to get the license, only to hear it might be really hard to find someone to marry us before the election. There were all these other gay couples there, too, and somebody from the court comes out and says, “We’re picking straws if there’s anyone who wants to get married right now!” And Michelle and I won!

On their children:

Our children are adopted and multiracial and so happy. They don’t notice difference in skin color or nationality, or that some kids have two mommies and some two daddies and some have a mommy and a daddy. They only see human beings and that’s a beautiful thing. This is the generation that will some day run the world.

On worries about coming out now:

Of course! I would be very sad and hurt if the B&B fans were disappointed I’m a lesbian, or somehow feel betrayed that I kept it secret. There is already a backlash from some unhappy people on Facebook about Karen being gay. They don’t understand how she could have dated guys but then ended up with a woman. I certainly don’t think it’s unrealistic. I tried dating guys. [Laughs] I lived this story! It used to be that daytime was so much racier and progressive ? soaps used to lead the way ? and then all of a sudden things shifted, maybe because they feel the audience is more conservative than it used to be. So, yeah, I’m nervous. I hope the viewers will give this a chance.

Reda the full interview via TV GUIDE