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U.S. First Openly Transgender Trial Judge

Ye Tian from the Bay Citizen reports:

The first openly transgender trial judge in the United States, took her oath of office on Tuesday evening at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center in Oakland’s Chinatown. The special session of the California Superior Court drew more than 100 people, including some LGBT community leaders and council members from several cities within Alameda County.

?It?s a very powerful and deeply healing experience,? said Shannon Minter, a transgender attorney who has argued in favor of same-sex marriage before the California Supreme Court. ?It makes us feel not just that we?re entitled to quality, that we also have something important to offer and to contribute.?

?To me the real news of my being here tonight is not that a transgender person was elected as a judge, but it was never an issue in my campaign,? said Kolakowski during her speech following the induction, calling her opponent?s campaign ?honorable and respectful.?

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