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Lady Gaga Pays Tribute To Jamey Rodemeyer

Last night during the I Heart Radio concert in Las Vegas Lady Gaga dedicated an emotional performance of “Hair,” to her late fan, 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, who took his life last weekend after being bullied at his school in Buffalo, New York.

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Buffalo University’s psychologist Amanda Nickerson believes that Lady GaGa and other personalities could teach kids horrors of bullying DNA has the report:

A researcher at the University at Buffalo has claimed that Lady Gaga and other celebrities commenting on bullying have a chance to teach young people about the horrors bullying abuse.

, a licensed psychologist, and the director of the University at Buffalo?s Alberti Centre for Prevention of Bullying Abuse said that celebrities have a power that makes it important for them to act responsibly.

?Lady Gaga tweeting about the tragic suicide of Williamsville student Jamey Rodemeyer is going to reach a different audience than the White House?s summit on bullying,? said Nickerson.

?Lady Gaga is going to speak to the youth. Whatever she says is going to reach these young audiences. It?s up to her and other well-known people who others look up to say responsible things,? she stated.

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