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Gay Man Severely Beaten Outside Club In Salt Lake City

A Salt Lake City man was attacked by a group of men outside a downtown nightclub of Club Sound, 579 W. 200 South. The incident is a possible case of gay bashing

Desert News has the story:

Dane Hall, 20, was leaving the club late Friday when he was approached by a group of men who hurled gay slurs at him. They then attacked Hall.

“He came up randomly and punched me in the back of my head and I fell on the ground. And he grabbed me by my shirt and punched me on the side of my face,” Hall said.

The violent episode ended with Hall being “curbed.”

“Curbing,” also known as “curb stomping,” “curb checking” or “biting the curb,” is a term used when a victim is forced to lay on the ground, open his mouth on a cement curb as if he’s trying to bite it, and then has the back of his head kicked or stomped on by an attacker. The violent incident gained notoriety in the 1998 movie “American History X.”

Hall suffered a broken jaw ? broken in three places ? and multiple fractures. Six teeth were knocked out
“My cheek bone was shattered, and they said there was a small piece of bone lodged into my brain,” he said.

Hall is home from the hospital now, but still has bandages wrapped around his head and is restricted to a liquid diet for about 10 more weeks.

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