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Mark Tallman Joins The Cast Of “In Between Men”


New York, NY – Mark Tallman will join the cast of the web drama series, IN BETWEEN MEN, it was announced today.The show’s second season is currently in pre-production with filming scheduled to begin in January 2012. Mark will play Brian Sharpe, cousin of New York publicist Kendra Sharpe, played by Margot Bingham.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mark Tallman to the cast of IN BETWEEN MEN,” said Director and Executive producer Jennifer Gelferat this morning’s announcement in New York. “We had some very fine actors read for the new role of Brian, but when Mark walked in, he immediately lit up the room and wowed the production team. He made the decision easy.”

Mark Tallman can currently be seen in the fourth season of the DirecTV show, DAMAGES, starring Glenn Close. He plays Robert Franks, a special ops soldier working with a contracting Group in Afghanistan. Additionally,Tallman will soon appear in the new CBS show THE 22, Executive produced by Robert DeNiro and directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal.

“I am excited to join the cast of such a groundbreaking show,” said Tallman. “There is no programming like IN BETWEEN MEN out there right now. No other show is revealing the gay community in such a realistic, human way. It’s important to have courageous shows like IN BETWEEN MEN that work to defy so many of the negative connotations that society places upon gay men today.”

IN BETWEEN MEN follows the lives off our friends in New York City living in between a gay world whose clichés they don’t relate to and a straight world they don’t belong. They are Dalton, Dane, Jacob and now Brian; four attractive, successful men who refuse to be defined by their sexuality. Through wild adventures, racy storylines, joys and pains, IN BETWEEN MEN examines the relationships they share with one another, their colleagues, lovers, and the city of New York.

“New York is a city that screams melting pot,” continued Ms. Gelfer. “In some way, everyone here lives in between in life. Brian’s story will further illuminate this phenomenon.”

Brian is the first lead heterosexual character in the show. The other lead characters are Dalton, Dane, and Benjamin played by Nick Mathews, Chase Coleman, and Ben Pamies, respectively.

“We were looking for someone to give Benjamin Reed, our resident hound, a run for his money,” laughed Gelfer. “Not just physically, but pathologically. Though the two may have different sexual preferences, there is a certain longing in both that they hide from the world.”

“Like Brian, I’m a straight man who is secure enough in his masculinity to have honest, open friendships with gay men,” said Tallman. Also, like his character, Tallman is a well-traveled, educated, successful black man who has earned both his bachelor and master’s degrees. “I know how to have fun and then take care of business when I need to, ”he added.

Many changes are in store for the characters in the second season of IN BETWEEN MEN, promised Gelfer. The men will deal with loss and new beginnings one very level. She also hinted a cornucopia of characters will be joining the show.

View season one now at www.inbetweenmen.com.