Meet 3 year-old sensation international model dog superstar lexi! She has her own blog, seriously! And it?s fabulous. I had never laughed so much in my life, her blog is awesome! This bitch has the most glamorous life you can imagine, she?s always surrounded by top fashion models, she travels around the world and she has two hunky gay daddies.

”shes a BITCH uh-huh, no one is safe around the bitch… there are good girls and there’s bad, the bad ones are all I’ve ever had… I can’t tell which are which, but trust me to pick the BITCH!! uh-huh god help the guy who gets the bitch, I said BITCH uh-huh, no one is safe around the BITCH… she’s been doing me I know, but I love her and can’t let her go!”

lexi in her own words:

My name is Lexington Zouzoune mou dynasty of Kalomoira. For short you can call me LEXI. I was born to a Crufts champion father and a sexy mother (don’t call her a slag just cause she had a few too many litters). When I was 4 months old my life would change. The bloody vet found out that I won’t be making Crufts, even though I have an amazing coat and tail, as I have buckteeth or something! That’s rude! Anyhow, due to my nashers I was sold at a bargain basement price of ?575 !!! I was a freaking steal as the usual going price of my people is ?1000 smackers!Soon my life in Birmingham would come to an end… This poof decided to cruise the internet in search of a pomeranian and of course when he came across pix of me up for sale he couldn’t resist, he forced his homo buddy to agree to have me. My new life in London was about to begin, in trendy Shoreditch mo-fos!…

Visit LEXI BLOG, I promise you will have a good time reading about her.