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“Violet Tendencies” to be released in France this Friday

Violet Tendencies is being released by Optimale in France and French-speaking Europe on April 7. The film is currently available in the US/Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Germany and German-speaking Europe.

“Moves smartly and delivers outrageous one-lines with rapid-fire efficiency” Variety

“Sure to be another crowd-pleaser… The script is hilarious, the actors are right on…” TimeOut NY.

The film stars Mindy Cohn (who played Natalie on Facts of Life), Marcus Patrick, Jesse Archer – who also wrote the screenplay, Samuel Whitten, Kim Allen, Adrian Armas, Armand Anthony and Casper Andreas who also directed.

She?s Manhattan?s most fabulous fruit fly! At 40, Violet is the racy, fun-loving belle of the ball. She spends her nights as royalty, but when the party ends, she always heads home alone.

While her co-worker Riley struggles with his boyfriend Markus going baby-crazy, and her roommate Luke tackles monogo-mania, Violet?s romantic life is one big bellyflop. Realizing she?s at a certain age and still single, Violet is at a crossroads.

In the fast pace of high fashion PR where she works, Riley tells her to seek out a straight male version of herself — the mythical fag stag. But glamorous guru Salome gives her other advice; To nab a man, she insists, Violet must abandon her gay boys.

When Violet arrives home from yet another disastrous date to find Luke has organized a gay sex party in her bedroom, she decides Salome may be right. In order to get a prized man of her own, Violet strikes out on a hilarious quest to change the woman she is.

Chasing love and lust at all costs, she may find them in the most unlikely of places.

Violet Tendencies” is currently available on DVD. Find it on Embrem Entertainment store and TLA Relasing.

Visit violettendenciesmovie.com for more info.