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Gay drama BURNING BLUE trailer debuts – In select U.S. theaters and VOD on June 6, 2014?


Lionsgate has debuted the trailer for the gay drama?Burning Blue, which will be released?in select U.S. theaters and VOD on?June 6th.

Originally an acclaimed Off-Broadway play, the story centers on the relationship between two Navy fighter pilots during the “Don’t Ask,?Don’t Tell” era. The romantic drama is now a film directed and co-written by DMW Greer, who wrote the original play. More information about the film is below.

About: They have been trained to meet danger head-on, to execute vital strategic maneuvers while flying at breathtaking speeds. But after a series of fatal accidents, a close-knit squadron of male Navy pilots begins to splinter?and becomes the focus of a criminal investigation. As a government agent digs to uncover the cause of the accidents, two of the pilots engage in a secret, forbidden relationship. Their affair is exposed?and the squadron is engulfed by an incendiary scandal that will challenge each pilot?s notions of friendship, love, honor and courage.

Cast: Trent Ford (Dan), Morgan Spector (Will), Rob Mayes (Matt), William Lee Scott (Charlie), Cotter Smith (Admiral Lynch), Michael Cumpsty (Admiral Stephensen), Michael Sirow (Cokely), Mark Doherty (Squadron Skipper), Chris Chalk (Jones), Tracy Weiler (Nancy), Gwynneth Bensen (Tammi), Jordan Dean (Stewie), Johnny Hopkins (Petty Officer Gorden), Haviland Morris (Grace Lynch), Karolina Muller (Olenka), Dylan Rafferty Brown (Atticus) and Tammy Blanchard (Susan)

Directed by:?DMW Greer
Screenplay by: DMW Greer & Helene Kvale
Produced by: Andrew Halliday & DMW Greer
Produced by: Arthur J. Kelleher
Executive Producer: John Hadity, Mike Harrop, Sig De Miguel, Stephen Vincent
Cinematographer: Frederic Fasano
Casting by: Sig De Miguel, Stephen Vincent

Associate Producers:?Rich Buhr, Dan Critchett, Michael Nutt
Co-Producers: Lester Petracca, Nicholas Petracca, Michael Sirow, Andrew Tobias
Costume Designer: Amy Lynn Zwart
Production Designer: Robert Savina
Music Composer: James Lavino
Film Editor: Bill Henry