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Ben Whishaw Star in Hong Khaou’s new film ‘Lilting’

Andrew Leung and Been Whishaw in Lilting

‘Lilting’ is an intimate and thoughtful film about what is like to live in a world where you have no grasp of its language, and your only lifeline to that is lost. It?s about falling in love without a common language, forming relationships without a common language. How necessary it is to overcome cultural and generational barriers. Memory, grief, our familiar and often difficulties with language and communication are explored.

The Story:
Set in contemporary London and starring Ben Whishaw, Lilting tells the story of a Cambodian-Chinese mother mourning the untimely death of her son whose world is suddenly disrupted by the presence of a stranger. We observe the difficulties the two have in trying to communicate and connect without a common language. But through a translator they slowly piece together memories of a man they both loved dearly and realize that while they may not share a language, they are connected in their grief…

Starring: Ben Whishaw, Cheng Pei Pei, Morven Christie, Andrew Leung, Naomi Christie and Peter Bowles.
Written and Directed Hong Khaou
Produced By Dominic Buchanan

‘Lilting’ New York Premiere Sun, July 27 at NY Lincoln Center NewFest.?GET TICKETS HERE!
Released 8 August in cinemas and on demand in the UK and Ireland.