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Ahmed’s Story: Surviving Persecution Against LGBT in IRAQ

A young doctor recounts how he was persecuted for being gay in Iraq and forced to flee the country. http://youtu.be/hW_-PGZaGEM ...

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‘RJ Berger’ Star Paul Iacono Comes Out

Paul Iacono, the actor most known for his starring role in MTV’s The Hard Times of RJ Berger, has come ...

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Gay Siblings Share Their Coming Out Story

Gay Siblings Share Their Coming Out Story To Their Traditional Latino Family

Gay siblings, Samantha and Guillermo, sit down with their mother and let us in on their honest conversation. The intricacies ...

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Rugby Player Suffers A Stroke And Discovers He’s Gay

Chris Birch

Chris Birch, a 26-year-old rugby player suffered a stroke in an accident and discover he’s gay. He left his job ...

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Time’s “Battleland” Officer X Comes Out

Karl Johnson

Karl Johnson, the young U.S. military pilot who has been blogging on Time’s “Battleland” anonymously since May has came out ...

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Becoming Chad St. James


Chad St. James is a blogger and an events coordinator, He runs a few events in Brisbane called Qsesh, Debauchery ...

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Teenage Son Of Two Gay Dads And A Lesbian Mom Tells His Story

Collage video

This short film features Kyle Fa, teenage son of two gay fathers and a lesbian mom. Kyle shares his unique ...

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Gay Marriage Will Bring Baby Boom In New York

gay parents 3456

Now that gay couples are able to get married in New York adoption lawyers and agencies are expecting a baby ...

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Gay Concentration Camp Survivor Shares Story In New Book


98 year-old gay concentration camp survivor Rudolf Brazda tells his story in a new book. Spiegel Online International has the ...

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Ex Mormon Says: 35 Years Of Prayer Couldn’t Get Rid Of His Homosexuality

Steve Ex Mormon

In this video Steve talks about his experience in a Mormon conversion therapy program. Here’ an extract of his story: ...

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