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Former Exodus Leader John Smid Says ‘Pray The Gay Away’ Never Works

John Smid interview

Former Exodus Leader John Smid was interviewed last night in MSNBC. John Smid remains faithfully (in that he doesn’t cheat ...

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Indiana University Professor Has History Of Bullying Students

michael heller

Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate Michael Heller shared his story with KDTA-TV after he heard the story of Christina Santiago, ...

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Zachary Quinto Inspires ABC Anchor Dan Kloeffler To Come Out


Dan Kloeffler an ABC news anchor came out on the air inspired by the Zachary Quinto’s coming out story. Later ...

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Ottawa 15-Year-Old Jamie Hubley Commits Suicide

15-year-old Jamie Hubley took his own life after a long battle with bullying in Ottawa. The Ottawa Citizen has the ...

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Lesbian College Student Bullied By Professor

Christina Santiago, a student at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania was bullied by her professor because she’s a lesbian. KDKA ...

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Actor Zachary Quinto Comes Out


American actor Zachary Quinto has publicly come out in an interview for the New York Mag. The 34 year-old talented ...

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Male Cheerleader Was Kicked Off The Squad And Suspended For Gay Kiss

gay kiss 34556

A male cheerleader claims he was kicked off the squad in Alice High School because of a gay kiss. KrissTV ...

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Bob Mackie’s Longtime Partner Ray Aghayan Dies At 83

Ray Aghayan

The legendary costume designer of the stars Ray Aghayan has passed away. The Hollywood Reporter has the story: Ray Aghayan, ...

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Randy Phillips National Coming Out Day Message

Randy Phillips3

Randy Phillips the 21-year-old soldier stationed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, who came out to his parents in video ...

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‘A-List Dallas’ Taylor Garrett Victim Of An Apparent Gay-On-Gay Hate Crime

Taylor Garrett2

Taylor Garrett, one of the “stars” of the new Logo reality show “A-List: Dallas,” claims that a rock with a ...

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