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Glaad Releases Thanksgiving Campaign

Glaad has released a new campaign “I’m Letting Aunt Betty Feel Awkward This Thanksgiving” #awkwardthanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, Let Aunt Betty Feel Awkward?

About the campaign:

The LGBT community has a ton to be thankful for from the past year.? But we also have a long way to go. And believe it or not, putting down that forkful of stuffing for a minute and just talking about yourself (if you’re able to) this Thanksgiving can make a huge difference.

We’ve all had those Thanksgiving dinners where Aunt Betty decides this is the perfect time to discuss a year’s worth of ailments and medical treatments. Well, you know what?? If she can talk about her podiatrist, you can talk about your partner.

The fact is, while you’re scarfing down mashed potatoes and staying silent while everyone else at the table is freely speaking their minds, you’re missing a golden opportunity to make real, honest progress by talking about your life, and the things you care about.? It’s okay if Aunt Betty feels a little awkward at first, it’s important for her to know that someone she loves cares deeply about LGBT equality.? And the more we all talk about what’s important to us, the less awkward those conversations will become.

Speaking openly and honestly about your life with your loved ones is one of the best ways for all of us to move forward together.

Why this is really important.

In 2008, we did a study of people who said their opinions on LGBT issues were more favorable than they were five years prior. Of those who were now more supportive of LGBT equality, four out of five cited personally knowing someone who was lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender as a primary reason.

The more comfortable you are talking about your life, the more comfortable other people will be standing up for LGBT issues with their friends and co-workers. Maybe Aunt Betty will speak up and use you as an example the next time someone at her office speaks out against marriage equality.

Visit GLAAD to read more about this camping.