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2012 Worldwide Civil Rights March ? April 21

Through grassroots movements, civil unrest has created greater equality all over the world. Abolishing slavery, winning voting rights, and making child abuse illegal are just a few of the areas where the power of the people has made enormous strides. Our work is not yet done. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer, Intersexed and Asexual (LGBTQIA) identified individuals continue to suffer in ways unfair and in ways unspeakable. From America to Iraq to Uganda, and everywhere in between, LGBTQIA individuals are denied basic Civil Rights and subjected to horrifying atrocities due to their orientation and identities.

We are the generation to change that status quo. Globally, we are a more diverse and yet a more connected society than history has ever known. In 2011, the United Nations? adopted a position of support of LGBTQIA Rights. The time is now to unite, inspire, celebrate, and honor our differences and lead the world to a better place where all are equal and equally valued. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than in the more than 20,000 individuals and volunteers that have come together, and continue to join, to create the Worldwide Civil Rights March on April 21.Worldwide attendance is a demand for Civil and Human Rights that will not be ignored. The success of this Event will be the success of every LGBTQIA person on the planet. We now join together, thinking globally, and acting locally. United we strive for Equality on Earth.

Mississippi March Leader Bob Gilchrist had this to say in the wake of a Gay Rights Rally being recently denied a permit to gather by Jackson, Mississippi Authorities, ?We’re not going to settle as second class citizens and we’re going to keep on protesting until the day that we become equal citizens.? There’s a whole anti-gay culture in Mississippi and I want to tackle that head-on.?

The need for a unified movement to further LGBTQIA Rights is a life-saving effort in many parts of the world. Pakistan’s March Leader Mohammed Azam illustrates, ?In Pakistan we will gather in the center of my City and there will be flags in our hands. This will only be for the Rights of the Transgender Community in front of the Pakistani public and local media.? Our community accepts Gays in only transgendered condition?so we will say to the public and media we are managing that program for the Rights of Cross-Dressers and Transgenders.?

Oklahoma Author and Gay Rights Advocate Joe Knudson, Founder and International Chairman of the Worldwide Civil Rights March, explains that, ?For everyone wanting to take part in this historic Civil Rights March, participation can take many forms. Some may join as Lead Organizers?and spearhead Marches where they live, others may become one of our Ambassadors, promoting the March and related Events.? Knudson adds that, ?Some may wish to organize supporting Events, rather than an actual March, such as picnics, social gatherings, watch parties, and such. Most will participate by attending the Worldwide Civil Rights March Event in their area, to show support and solidarity?for our brothers and sisters worldwide on our journey to?LGBTQIA Equality.?

U.K. Transgendered Entertainer Chrisie Edkins is serving as Honorary International March Leader.?? Stonewall Veteran Reverend Magora E. Kennedy is the Honorary U.S. March Leader.

For information about Events and Volunteering in your area, email the Worldwide Civil Rights March at info@letsreachonemillionpeople.com, listing your general location as the subject line.

Contact: Spencer Aiello, Media Coordinator????? media@letsreachonemillionpeople.com

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