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QUEER ME UP an optimum gay culture experience in the web, By GUS!

If you see me walking in the streets, having some drinks with friends at the pub, shopping at the book store, dancing at the club, or just in line to get my cd autographed by Lady GaGa, you’ll never guess I am the guy writing on this website. Why? Because I am just a conventional average gay guy!

My name is Gustavo, friends call me Gus! It’s easy to pronounce and it sounds butch! Which I think is funny. My story is the same old outsider story; gay guy in a small town, growing up in a third world country. I did not fit in, I felt like I did not belong, Surrounded by ignorance, intolerance and a homophobic society, I spent the days locked in my room dancing to Kylie’s music, living in my own world and feeling lonely. But then I had the opportunity to travel around the world, to visit places where being gay is not a big issue, to meet interesting personalities, to experience new cultures and I realized I was not alone, there are a lot of people like me out there. One thing I noticed is that my fellow gay friends have a lot of things in common; all of them share the same encouraging attitude for love, life, and optimism.

My journey opened my eyes to what now I know as gay culture, I became obsessed with LGBT history and the the fight for civil rights and marriage equality. I created this web-magazine with the intention to present, comment and generate opinion about a wide range of topics concerning LGBT culture; from relationships and civil rights to gay pride and entertainment. I publish news, videos and other things that in my opinion are interesting and relevant to the LGBT community. Queer Me Up is my special initiative directed to the GLBT community and to all the people that can relate with a sense of freedom and authenticity.

There is so much going on in the gay world right now, so many changes, so much progress and still so many battles. I feel sad and concerned when I read about the oppression and discrimination of LGBT individuals in the news, and then I feel extremely happy and joyful when I step into a gay bar and see how everybody is dancing and laughing. My only question is how do I manage to live this conflicting life between anguish and exhilaration? How is it possible that this weekend I am celebrating gay pride and the next weekend I am protesting for equality and my basic rights? Well in order to figure that out I am going to use this platform as an exercise to reflect on my queer, fabulous and complicated gay life.

We are living in a crucial moment in history where our beliefs and our views are transforming; they are evolving into some utopia that we cannot quite figure out yet. We are being categorized by society as the new generation of men in charge of defining and preserving the way “gay” is to be viewed in the future. I am sure that like me, many of you would find this challenging.

My main goal is to develop a space where I can express my thoughts and share them with all my fellow queers out there in a friendly way. I also would like you to think of this Gay web-magazine as yours, so feel free to send me some of your writing to be published. In the meantime we can share some laughs about what’s happening now in our culture, making fun of our eccentricities, our preposterous behaviours, and our wacky identities. I hope with your help we can develop a big community of people exchanging views, embracing homosexuality and celebrating diversity. Let’s get queered up!

On a more personal level, I am in my thirties, some college education, decent looking and recently married to the man of my dreams!!!

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